Walks, Runs, and Playtime

This service caters to dogs who would like additional exercise and attention during the day, whether you’re at work, you’re at school, or you just want to spoil your dog with a play date in Salt Lake City.

Tell us about your dog’s interests so we can find the best routine for your dog walks. We’re happy to go for a stroll through the neighborhood or a nearby park. If you’re training your dog in polite walking or specific commands, we can practice those skills so your dog’s progress is positively reinforced.

We will clean up after your dog and give fresh water before leaving, along with any food or medications, should you wish. If your dog is older or has a medical condition, we can adjust the level of exercise or simply spend more time giving them love. We are happy to go on walks during pet-sitting visits.

Many dogs in our pack enjoy walking with a few friends so they can enjoy each other’s company. We are careful to match dogs according to energy level and temperament. However, some dogs may request to walk solo or with only their housemates and that is okay, too!

30-Minute Dog Walks:

$20.00 per walk – up to 2 dogs

  • $5.00 for an additional 15 minutes added to your walk – see pricing for Dog Hikes or Dog Park Visit
  • There may be a discount for multiple dogs if your walks are occurring during pet-sitting visits – see pricing for this service
  • For most households, a 15-minute check-in or short potty walk is $15.00


Private Dog Walks & Visits:

If you request a private visit, we can still take your dog(s) on a walk — we just ensure your dog gets his/her own space. We can also stick to the backyard or toys at home if that’s what you prefer. In some situations, there may be an additional fee for dogs who require special handling.

Customized Dog Care Excercise Plans:

Your dog may not fit any care plan you saw described above. Maybe you need 45-minute jogs or 60-minute senior walks. Maybe you need someone to sit all day with your pet due to behavior or health concerns. We can discuss your rate once we learn about your dog’s needs and schedule.

Please contact us with questions or to set up a free consultation.


For each visit, we’ll send you a report with a description of the day’s events, arrival and departure times, and updates on how your pet is feeling and behaving. We can also text pictures of your pet so you can see what they’ve been up to.